Thursday, March 17, 2011

Japan Earthquake Relief: Help Comes From More Than 100 Countries

The world has become a global force of doing good in the wake of the devastation from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

102 countries and 14 international organizations had offered assistance to Japan, according to Reuters.

From countries such as Afghanistan -- with struggles of its own-- to nations such as China, which has a storied past of strife with Japan. In this moment of need, the generosity of other countries and the outpour of monetary and material aid to Japan has dissolved traditional political and economic boundaries.

The latest figures show 3,300 confirmed dead in Japan and many thousands missing, according to the Associated Press.

Forbes reports that Britain will send a search-and-rescue team of more than 60 specialists, two rescue dogs and a medical support team. Britain also sent heavy lifting equipment to remove the debris thought to be covering thousands more corpses, according to the Los Angeles Times.

France sent about 100 people including rescue workers, civil security squads and a medical team. Japanese authorities have asked them to assist in clearing and rescue efforts, according to Forbes.

Reuters reports Australia sent an urban search and rescue team to Miyagi prefecture.

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